Arctic Fox

integrated systems
to provide heating solutions everywhere

Arctic Fox® Systems are completely tailored to the needs of each client

Arctic Fox® helps you take control over cold weather maintenance to cut costs
and reduce downtime.

Cold temperature can be a critical factor for your business. As a manufacturer with more than 40 years of technical expertise, we serve a wide spectrum of customers in various markets.

Our main industries
  • Gas and Oil Industry
  • On Road Vehicles
  • Construction & Building
  • Handling Equipment
  • Mining Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Power Generation
  • Car Heating
Arctic Fox®: Advanced technical engineering

Every industry has it's own demands when it comes to machinery. Our current capabilities include tube bending and fabrication, robotic welding, automated brazing and metal stamping with the ability to take a project from start to finish.

Arctic Fox®: A solid partner you can count on

We have made the commitment to be a supplier that consistently delivers quality products on time and at a fair price. We pride ourselves on meeting the high standards set by our customers. Our philosophy is to “treat customers, employees and suppliers how we would want to be treated” – fairly, with respect and with an emphasis on superior customer service.

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In addition to technical product information, we can offer you comprehensive advice and customized products based on more than 39 years of experience in different industries worldwide.