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Battery Box Heater

Arctic Fox® offers multiple options for keeping your batteries warm and ready to use. Our heaters are available in a variety of sizes to meet your demand, in addition to custom sizing. Deliver better fuel economy, reduce wear, extend your battery’s life and protect your engine from cold weather damage today.

How does it work?

Battery Box Heater with a present thermostat that maintains (27°C) battery warmth. Note: Battery heater is not recommend for nickel cadmium batteries.


Heavy Duty On-Highway
Oil and Gas
Power Generation


  • Designed to fit in the battery box/tray
  • Grounded cord 2,4 mtr in length
  • Improved recharge time


  • Maintain available cold cranking amps in cold weather by warming the batteries
  • Efficient direct heat transfer
  • Install in sub-zero temperatures
Battery Box Heater
Battery Box Heater
Battery Box Heater

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Battery Box Heater

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Arctic Fox®

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