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Battery Heater

Battery Warming. Increase available cold cranking amps utilizing heat energy from the engine cooling system or diesel fired coolant preheater.

  • Available for all group 31 battery configurations.
  • Extend effective battery usage by reducing required battery recharge time. 
  • Lightweight aluminum heating plate, durable stainless steel coolant tubes. 
  • Optional thermostatic control available. 
  • Custom sizes quoted upon request. 
  • As the temperature drops is takes longer to charge a battery. With the electrical demands placed on today’s equipment, “key off” parasitic battery drain can leave a vehicle without enough charge to get started. 
  • Arctic Fox battery heaters utilize a heated tray from the engine coolant, under the battery to provide increased available cold cranking amps…even in the coldest of weather.


The BH-3100 Series Battery Heater utilizes heat energy from the engine cooling system or diesel fired coolant heater to warm the battery, allowing for improvement of battery state of charge.


Oil & Gas
Heavy Duty On-Off Highway


  • Durable stainless steel coolant tubes 
  • Light weight aluminum heating plate 
  • 1/2 “ NPT coolant connections 
  • Optional thermostat is available


  • Increases available cold cranking amps 
  • Reduces required battery charge time 
  • Extends battery life 
  • Simple installation