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CNG Fuel Warming Products

Natural gas is stored in tanks on board the vehicle at a “tank pressure” ranging from 250 psi to 3600 psi. A regulator is used to regulate this pressure to a value typically around 115 psi. As a result of the pressure drop through the regulator, the natural gas reaches temperatures nearing –200° F.


To prevent the natural gas from dropping below an acceptable temperature. The high quality, 100% stainless steel heat exchangers from Arctic Fox®, designed for CNG applications. The Arctic Fox® heat exchanger is utilized to prevent the natural gas from dropping below an acceptable temperature based on engine temperature and load. At low fuel rates, a thermostat is required to prevent heating of the gas above an acceptable temperature.


CNG engines


  • Converts natural gas fuels to combustible energy sources
  • Keep natural gas from dropping below the accepted engine temperature
  • Raises the fuel pressure as it is heated
  • Integral thermostat option available


  • Simple compact design
  • NPTF or Swagelok fuel ports available