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Coolant Heated Fuel Water Separator

It is well known that water in diesel fuel can lead to extensive fuel system damage. Problems such as mechanical failures and frozen fuel lines during the winter months, can all be attributed to water in diesel fuel. The FWS-999-10 with Elemax filter element is a fuel/water separator that removes both water and contamination from your fuel prior to entering the fuel pump. It allows you to see when it is time to service the unit and change out filter elements. As the filter saturates with contaminants, the fuel level will gradually rise to the black band at the top of the element to indicate that it’s time to replace the filter…. No more guessing!


The Fuel Filter/Separator/Warmer assembly is designed to provide total engine filtration, when fitted with the appropriate filter.


Heavy Duty On-Highway
Oil and Gas
Power Generation


  • Built in engine coolant heater
  • Patented 'Seeing is Believing' technology – see when NOT to change the filter
  • Five minute, NO MESS filter change
  • Easy priming at service


  • 3x more filter life than standard filters
  • Reduced fuel flow restriction
  • Biodiesel compatible to ASTM D6751