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Diesel Fired Coolant Pre-Heater

Arctic Fox® offers stand and custom coolant heaters. Our custom coolant heaters offer a variety of enclosures and other accessories to maximize the functionality of your heating system.


Pre-condition  the engine helping to reduce fuel costs and down time, due to engine maintenance commonly attributed to excessive idling. Coolant heaters circulate the engine coolant over a heat exchanger to warm the engine, fuel tank, batteries and hydraulic tank.

Pre-heat your coolant and pre-heat your fluids before you show up to work. An Arctic Fox® heater helps you to increase productivity.


Heavy Duty On-Highway
Oil and Gas
Power Generation


  • Re-enforced steel enclosure
  • Customized heaters available
  • 3 way selector valve for using arctic or main fuels
  • Large capacity coolant pumps


  • Easy installation
  • Pre-wired
  • Custom robust enclosure box – made for rigorous environment