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Fuel Standpipes

Arctic Fox® can provide fuel standpipe to retrofit existing systems, or for fueling APU’s, Fuel Fired Heaters, or other fuel dependent devices. Complete systems available, including standpipe, fuel tee brackets, Fittings & Hoses.


The Fuel Standpipe transfers diesel fuel from the fuel tank to the diesel-fired heater. Is is available duel or single draw. Dual draw includes a suction standpipe and a return fuel provision. Single draw can serve as either a suction standpipe or as a return fuel provision.


Heavy Duty On-Highway
Oil and Gas
Power Generation


  • Avoid costly road hazards by converting bottom draw to top draw
  • Easy installation


  • Allow easy retrofitting to duel suction / dual return
  • Complete systems available including tank standpipes, fuel tee brackets and hose assemblies