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Hydraulic Fluid Heater

Productivity won’t wait for a warm day. Eliminate down time due to cold hydraulic fluid. Arctic Fox® Hydraulic Fluid Warming has a number of solutions to keep hydraulic fluid flowing and reduce pump cavitation and blown seals.

Hydraliner (coolant)

  • 250 square inches of surface area in contact with the hydraulic fluid
  • Efficiently warms a 190ltr reservoir at -29°c
  • Designed to thread into a 2″ npt female pipe thread
  • Full 3/4″ npt coolant connections allow for excellent flow capacity
  • Custom formed tube (coolant) 
  • Hydraulic warmer designed for specific reservoirs
  • Electric Fluid Reservoir Heaters 
  • Available in 120v, 220v, 12v and 24v applications
  • Permanent, easy peel and stick installation

There is an Arctic Fox® for nearly every application and a complete line of plumbing and insulating accessories provides users with a total package. Let us help you spec your equipment both mobile and stationary.


Heats hydraulic fluid, water and other fluid to improve productivity.


Utility & Maintenance Vechicles
Gas and oil


  • All stainless steel construction
  • Large surface area exposed to fluid to maximize heat raise
  • Threads into standard 2”NPT female pipe thread or standard 2”Straight Thread-O-ring (STOR) coupling
  • Ability to install multiple units for larger tanks or faster heat rise


  • Reduce Pump Cavitation and Resulting Damage – oil flow free when warm
  • Faster Hydraulic operation
  • Increases productivity – reduces idle equipment and workers waiting for hydraulic to warm up
  • Can be used for heating hydraulic fluid, water and or other fluids