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In-Tank Fuel Heater

Today, our products are installed by many of the leading truck manufacturers worldwide. Contact your local truck dealer for specific data codes for ordering on your next vehicle.
Arctic Fox® pioneered the In -Tank Fuel Warmers. From humble beginning in 1979, the Arctic Fox® original In-tank fuel warmers have kept thousands of trucks free from winter fuel gelling problems.


The Hot Fox® fuel heater with Auxiliary standpipe combines heated fuel standpipes for main fuel & accesorry fuel supply with an in-tank warmer. Operators can now easily supply coolant heaters ass well as the main engine fuel supply all in one package.




  • Welded stainless steel construction is most impervious to and fuel or coolant additives
  • No moving parts, can be installed in vehicle sending gauge opening
  • Fast heat rise. Heats the fuel as it leaves the tank and heats the fuel in the tank
  • Combines Fuel tank & Fuel Line heater into one unit – Heated Fuel Standpipe
  • Low profile design to fit under low fuel tank decking and within aerodynamic cab designs


  • Supplies warm fuel for both main engine and coolant pre-heaters, cab warmers, or other fuel dependent products
  • Stainless steel construction for durability and compatibility with all fuels andditives