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Lube Oil Heater

Lube oil heaters are an extremely efficient solution for maintaining optimal temperature as all energy that is generated is transferred directly to the lube oil. Weathertight and hazardous location oil heaters are available for use in a variety of installation environments.


Lube oil heaters thread into the engine’s oil pan to keep the oil warm. When cold, oil becomes very viscous and may not protect engine components. Upon start-up, warm oil is supplied to the critical wear points in the engine. This reduces engine wear and allows easier starts which prolong battery life.


Heavy Duty On-Highway
Oil and Gas
Power Generation


  • These heaters, available in various AC voltages as well as 12 and 24 volt DC, range from 75 to 500 watts


  • Easy to spec, Not model specific
  • Ensure quick winter starts
  • Most efficient type of heater