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Keep fuel flowing and filters from plugging

Keep fuel flowing and filters from plugging

Diesel fuel gels when paraffin in the diesel solidifies due to temperature drops.

Arctic Fox® In-Line Fuel Warmers

Prevent the paraffin wax from gelling together and solidifying our In-line Fuel Warmers can be installed directly in the fuel line immediately before the filter. This keeps fuel warm prior to entering the filter to avoid clogging.

Arctic Fox® In-Tank Fuel Warmers

Yet another option is an In-Tank Warmer which warms fuel as it is being drawn out of the tank. Heat generated from warm coolant is transferred to the cold fuel. If sufficient heat is not available prior to startup, an auxiliary heater can be used in conjunction with in-line and in-tank warmers to preheat the fuel and prevent problems associated with fuel gelling at engine start-up. For larger engine applications or lesser quality fuel, multiple warmers may be used simultaneously.

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Keep fuel flowing and filters from plugging

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