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Maintain lubrication oil at right viscosity

Maintain lubrication oil at right viscosity

The effects of cold weather are devastating for hydraulic fuels.

High oil viscosity can result in a dramatic drop in the the pump inlet. The reduction in pressure causes vaporous bubbles which are released into the oil, wreaking havoc on the hydraulic system.

Arctic Fox® In-Tank Fluid Warmers

The proactive solution for such potentially affected assets are In-Tank Warmers, which heat hydraulic fluids prior to equipment operation. Heat exchangers transfer excess heat from hot coolant to hydraulic fluid. Subsequently, warm hydraulic fluid reduces pump wear and potential pump cavitation.

Arctic Fox® Immersion Heaters

Industrial Immersion Heaters are another option for cold hydraulic fluids. They are electric heaters installed in the hydraulic fluid tank which warms the fluid through direct contact with the heating element, similar to an engine block heater. Industrial Immersion Heaters require an AC voltage power supply of 120 VAC or higher, which can be supplied by a gen set or utility power.

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Maintain lubrication oil at right viscosity

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