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Support optimal battery power

Support optimal battery power

In deep cold weather, the charge acceptance of batteries can get very low.

Keeping the batteries warm will maximize the power output and ability to accept a charge. Additionally, cold electrolyte in a flooded cell battery slows down the molecular action in the battery. The colder the batteries, the more resistant they are to accepting a charge and the available power is decreased. Maintaining warm batteries before engine startup will help to assure maximum battery power output. During engine operation, maintaining warm batteries will allow them to accept a full charge for engine startup. In cold weather operation discharged batteries can freeze and should not be jumped.

Arctic Fox® Heat Exchangers and Electric Battery Blankets

Effective options to maintain battery heat include Heat Exchangers or Electric Battery Blankets. Heat Exchangers installed under the batteries use heat from circulated hot engine coolant and or electrical power. Electric Battery Blankets are wrapped around the batteries and run off 120 or 240 Volt AC. These warming products help prevent deep cycling, extend battery life, and put less load on charging systems.

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Support optimal battery power

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